The Adventure Time Crossover is based on the American cartoon Adventure Time. The 3 heroes of Ooo (Finn, Jake and Leonard) fight of the evil that lurks in both New York and Ooo. This is not only an Adventure Time crossover, but other cartoon characters from cartoons like The Amazing World Of Gumball and Regular Show may appear too.


  1. Ooo's Most Wanted: Leonard, Finn and Jake attack the Ice Monsters to rescue Flame Princess.
  2. Grievous & Young Autobot Returned: Leonard, Finn and Jake are here to find Young Autobot & Grievous.
  3. Grievous' Girlfriend: Grievous is in love with a girl named Shaak ti.
  4. The Lich Returns: The Lich awakens again and possesses someone he has never possesed before...Young Autobot!
  5. Killer Croc (episode): Young Autobot goes to find Killer Croc to help them defeat The Lich.
  6. Defeat The Lich: Young Autobot and Killer Croc got into Prismo's time room to stop The Lich, But its too late.
  7. Defeat The Lich Part 2: The alternate universe of Young Autobot is revealed.
  8. The Scarecrow Who Killed Lola Bunny Part 1: Lola Bunny is going to be killed by Scarecrow & The Joker.
  9. The Scarecrow Who Killed Lola Bunny Part 2: Lola goes to find Ra's al Ghul.
  10. The Scarecrow Who Killed Lola Bunny Part 3: Lola is about to have her revenge.
  11. A Life of Revenge: Young Autobot goes to find and kill Black Mask.
  12. Beetlejuice (episode): Young Autobot met his old friend.
  13. Bugs Bunny's Big Truth: Bugs Told everyone that he from the planet Kypton (even the Joker).
  14. The Fall of Ooo: Leonard has to find and defeat Death.
  15. Christmas Time: After Leonard had killed Death, all the main characters celebrate at the Park. but the Lich keeps ruining the party. (a special episode)

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Season 2Edit

Next year a new season will be created which is called the Adventure Time Knapford Edition crossover.